Data Insights (When You Have Limited Data to Work With)

July 27, 2015

Increasingly in the sector, we’re being called upon to use our data more. Data can tell us a lot of things. It can give us rich insights into our donor’s behaviours and motivations. I’m constantly being asked about what kind of segmentation and wizardry can be done with data. Don’t get me wrong, there’s stuff […]

Are You Ready for the April 21st Google Bombshell?

April 1, 2015

Google recently sent waves through the SEO community by announcing on the Google webmaster blog that they would be updating their mobile search rules to favour sites that are compatible with mobile devices effective April 21st, 2015. This means that as of April 21st if your website is not mobile-friendly you could see a major […]

5 Fundraising KPIs to Track for your Digital Program

March 10, 2015

Late last year, we launched the State of the Canadian Web Nation Report and one particular finding keeps on coming up again and again. Of the more than 500 charities we polled, only 18.99% report that they pay very close attention and are getting quite sophisticated using fundraising KPIs, benchmarks, and other goals to measure […]

A Curated Collection of Charity Websites

November 26, 2014

Earlier on this month, I presented the results of the State of the Web Nation: Website Benchmarks for Canadian Charities at a CanadaHelps webinar. If you missed getting a copy of this awesomely useful document, you can download the benchmarks report here. And, if you missed the webinar you can watch it here. (Note: something […]

2014 State of the Canadian Web Nation Benchmark Report

November 11, 2014

About 90% of your major donors are visiting your website before making their first gift. But almost 1/2 of you don’t have a web strategy in place. Are you okay with this? Probably not. And you’ve probably heard stats like this before. You maybe even quote them. You also probably have no idea where they […]

Is Your Website Working for Your Legacy Donors?

May 7, 2014

Your website is the single most important piece of marketing collateral for your organization. And, it’s likely also one of the most neglected or in need of a tune up. According to What Canadian Donors Want, a study released in by Ipsos Reid and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, 7 in 10 Canadians do some […]

3 Steps to Build the Case for a Mobile Donation Form

April 8, 2014

Have you taken a look at your website lately on a smartphone or an iPad? In a perfect world, your charity would have a responsive website. This means that your website would be optimally viewed on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones alike. Can you navigate around without having pinch and pull to make the […]

8 Tips on Working with Designers for Non-Profit Staff

April 2, 2014

For every way you communicate with your donors, whether it is through direct mail appeals, newsletters, or welcome packages, you will want to have a design that reflects your charity’s brand, captures your message and the essence of your organization. Here are a few things to think about when hiring a designer to create these […]

Take the Survey! State of the Canadian Web Nation

January 13, 2014

Is your charity’s website terrific? Does it suck? How do you know? For the first time Good Works and Envision Online Media are offering you a chance to really know how your website stacks up against the sector – and against your competition. We’re going to do this with the first annual State of the […]

Online Stewardship for Your Donors

September 9, 2013

Last week I purchased my toddler a more powerful nightlight. She’s developed a sudden fear of the dark, and of the tigers she dreams about who apparently invade her room sometime between the hours of midnight and three in the morning. As I set the nightlight on the checkout counter, I had to decide how […]