Integrated Legacy Campaign

Most charities keep their legacy marketing focused on their existing donors. With Good Works’ help, the Canadian Cancer Society – Ontario decided to get way more ambitious. They wanted to deliver legacy messages city-wide.

Together, we selected a mid-sized Ontario city to target. Then, Good Works designed a three-week long, multi-channel, intensive legacy campaign. It included newspaper and radio advertising, two waves of direct mail, and a campaign website. We also incorporated expert-led seminars for both donors and financial planners, and a special legacy concert with cancer survivor Dan Hill.

Good Workers managed and executed every aspect of this innovative legacy project. We made sure that each and every Londoner was exposed to persuasive messages about leaving a bequest to the Canadian Cancer Society – over and over and over.

The campaign was a smashing success. Why? We designed a strategy that was clear and simple. The campaign message was consistent through every channel. And the execution was tight, focused and disciplined.

“This campaign was strategic and smart. It was creative and a lot of fun. Good Works was the perfect partner to help me cook up a great idea and then bring it to life. We received a good number of bequest intentions – and you can’t beat that!”

Tony Lee
Director of Planned Giving
Canadian Cancer Society

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