Direct Mail

For some charities, finding powerful stories to tell is the easy part. Finding willing signatories can be the biggest challenge.

For organizations like Interval House, the safety of their clients is paramount. Many of the women and children who benefit from their protection may not yet be ready to share their story.

At Good Works, we know how powerful storytelling is to generate interest and raise support. We love to come at a subject or theme in a whole new way. And, results show that donors love it too.

For clients like Interval House who face these tricky obstacles (and even for those who don’t!), we encourage them to think beyond people to tell their story. That’s why we penned this letter ‘from’ the dining room table.

You see, meal time is especially important at Interval House. The women take turns preparing dinner for a group of up to 30 women and children. Once it’s ready, the meal is enjoyed around a large dining room table.

During this time, the women often share stories – about what their lives were like before Interval House, the roller coaster of emotions they are experiencing, and the relief and joy of finding a safe home for themselves and their children.

“Our Good Works team keeps us on track, on time and on budget. I appreciate receiving their concise weekly update emails that outline all of our projects underway and gently nudge us for a response if we are falling behind!”

Ashleigh Saith
Director, Development & Partnerships
Interval House

We work with you to find your most inspiring stories and we help bring those stories to life.