The original prospect package, first introduced in 2014, featured a plain #10 outer envelope with the teaser: Imagine…

In an effort to make the envelope more enticing (and attract even more new donors to The Kidney Foundation), we tested an outer envelope featuring children’s artwork against the control envelope. All of the other components were consistent between the two packages – control and test.

The letter is a creative piece, written from a kidney to a little girl. The little girl is in kidney failure after having contracted E.Coli, and is waiting for a transplant.  As it turns out, the new kidney she will receive will be a live kidney donation from her mother. This letter tells the emotionally compelling story of a little girl who gets sick and all of the efforts that are taken to save her life by securing a kidney transplant. In particular, the prospect is asked to support The Kidney Foundation so that work in the area of promising research, new treatments and improved transplant outcomes can be undertaken.

In terms of results, the test package featuring the children’s artwork outperformed the control package, generating 117 more new donors than the control package. Though the average gift from the control package was just slightly higher than that of the test package ($35.98 vs. $35.78), the test package generated more revenue overall due to the number of responses received.

“Since Good Works began working on our file over 5 years ago, they’ve continually pushed us to test so we know what’s working and what isn’t.  It’s a pleasure to work with a team that’s always thinking outside the box and challenging me to do the same.”

The Kidney Foundation of Canada

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