Legacy Mail

Jack Layton was more than just the most successful leader in NDP history. To the party and its supporters, he was like family.

On the first anniversary of his passing, the NDP wanted to honour Jack’s memory with a truly special legacy campaign that would make us all feel proud of our leader and his accomplishments. The NDP knew that Good Works was the agency that would deliver our vision with the passion and sensitivity it needed.

We recommended a personal narrative from his widow, Olivia Chow, coupled with a replica of Jack’s now-famous ‘Letter to Canadians’ that’s suitable for framing. We kept the package very simple and stressed the message of Jack’s larger-than-life political presence – and the incredible legacy of optimism and hope that he left to his party and his country.

Note: The NDP legacy program was retired after political bequests were no longer allowed under law.

“The campaign exceeded our expectations and it was clear, our members and supporters were inspired. We almost tripled our known bequest expectancies. And, most of all, we paid fitting tribute to a man who had dedicated his life in the cause of humanity.”

Heather Wilson
Director, Fundraising and Membership

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