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Most everyone is familiar with Scouts Canada and their programs, badges, camping adventures and outdoor activities. But what many people don’t realize is that Scouts Canada is also a charitable organization – helping more than 3,000 kids per year access their programs through their No One Left Behind initiative.

Scouts Canada donors provide the necessary funding to subsidize membership fees, uniforms costs, outdoor equipment and camping gear to Canadian youth across the country.

We recommended sharing the story of a family who has benefited from the NOLB program, to show donors exactly what their support allows, and the impact it has on families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.

Good Works crafted the letter, sharing Paula’s incredible story of the difference Scouts has made to her family and each of her six children. As a blended family of eight, membership fees, new sleeping bags and uniforms are simply out of reach. Scouting is a huge part of their family’s life, and has given her children confidence and new skills, and an opportunity to truly blossom.

The letter and OE featured beautiful photos of the family together, and a holiday theme was woven throughout to capture the season.

“Working with Good Works is like having an extended team of professional staff that are knowledgeable, innovative, and eager to support your financial goals.”

Emily Jamieson
Director, Revenue Development
Scouts Canada

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