Direct Mail

SOS Children’s Villages Canada is the world’s largest charity providing safe, caring homes to children who have been orphaned and abandoned.

With an SOS mother at the heart of each loving family, a direct mail appeal that coincides with Mother’s Day has been a long-standing part of the annual plan. After a several years of declining net revenue on the Mother’s Day appeal, it was clear that we needed to shake things up.

We did what we do best at Good Works and went back to the roots of raw storytelling.

A young teenage SOS girl was chosen as the signatory. Through the eyes of a child, she shared her harrowing life-story with donors. This appeal focused on the tension of emotional trauma, the extreme pain of parental loss and the joy that was found once again in the loving arms of a SOS mother. The creative for the package used child-like drawings, and a small notepad was included in the package for donors who wished to receive premiums.

The end result? This appeal exceeded projected revenue by 173% (in other words, nearly tripled it). This success was aided by a 2.5% increase in response rate and boost in the average gift.

“Good Works has been our agency partner for years. They’re smart people who have helped shape our strategy and tell our stories with passion.”

David Greiner
Senior Vice President, Operations
SOS Children’s Villages Canada

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