Digital Audit

Many charities are still in the early days of implementing a digital program. They struggle with building an effective digital offering. They are often overwhelmed with how to make websites, social media, email, advertising and donation pages all work together.

The reality is that most charities need to press the pause button, and reflect, so that they can make strategic choices about what makes the most sense for their resources and goals in the digital realm.

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation found themselves in just this position. Since digital was so new, they hadn’t yet acquired the knowledge on their team to take stock of their digital practices.

Good Works created a digital ‘report card’ which offered an analysis of current digital activities. Then, we outlined a series of actionable recommendations. This customized consulting project focussed on digital optimization and integration in paving the way for strategy development.

“This piece of work was critical to start building the foundation on a solid digital program. Good Works not only provided us with overall recommendations and analysis, but also the fundraising strategies needed in order for us to plan for the required resources.”

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, London ON

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