Legacy Brochure

WWF-Canada hired Good Works to create a new brochure as one piece in a larger planned giving collaboration. This particular piece was designed to aid people in their legacy journey after they had been asked to consider making a gift in their will.

Most planned giving material focuses on the mechanics of giving, the technical details and language. But Good Works research has shown that’s not what a donor actually needs (or wants).

The legacy brochure developed uses WWF-Canada’s strong wildlife, landscape and wilderness photography to bring the copy to life. The copy itself is rooted in storytelling and employs a highly autobiographical, donor-centred approach. It also showcases the powerful stories of living donors who have left a gift of their own.

The end result is a visually stunning piece that WWF-Canada can use to connect with values and aid conversations on an individual’s journey towards a legacy gift.

“We initially wanted to work with Good Works because of their storytelling ability. But we’ve also discovered that they’re strategic, thoughtful, and have accumulated solid research in this area. Our program benefits because of their extensive experience with legacy giving.”

Maya Ahmad
Senior Specialist, Legacy Giving

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