How to Get Donors to Make a Second Gift

April 23, 2018

You just released a killer appeal into the donor universe and you know it’s going to yield big results. The donations start rolling in and you have made a dent in your acquisition target. Congratulations! Err… maybe hold that congratulations for a minute. Many seasoned fundraisers agree that a donor is not really yours until […]

The Legacy Stewardship Secret You Need To Know

October 16, 2017

I want to share a conversation I have with planned giving fundraisers all the time… We’re talking about the ways in which the charity in question can effectively market bequests to its donors. We get excited as we start to realize how much revenue we could generate – and how little it would cost to […]

Fundraising Trend #6: Show Me The Impact Of My Gift

August 21, 2017

I want to bring you into a room with me. It’s a board room – and around the long meeting table are seated 12 strangers. This is a donor focus group, and I’ve invited you to come, watch, and listen while I probe these donors for their thoughts and feelings about their charitable giving. I […]

5 Easy Ways To Get Multi-Channel Working For You

May 10, 2016

May is the month we’ve all been patiently waiting for. We’ve endured the April showers and we’re more than ready to welcome in the warmer weather. Around this time every year, we’re sitting down with clients and poring over results. For many, the fiscal year in only a couple of months in, but for all, […]

How do you thank your ‘everyday’ HERO?

July 8, 2014

Charities and non-profits are finally taking notice that their existing donors hold HUGE potential for larger, more meaningful giving than they may have thought. The problem is, charities are spending entirely too much time mapping out the ‘ask’, and not nearly enough time brainstorming ideas around appropriate stewardship and how to genuinely, deeply and appropriately […]

Online Stewardship for Your Donors

September 9, 2013

Last week I purchased my toddler a more powerful nightlight. She’s developed a sudden fear of the dark, and of the tigers she dreams about who apparently invade her room sometime between the hours of midnight and three in the morning. As I set the nightlight on the checkout counter, I had to decide how […]

How well do you thank your donors?

August 6, 2013

My colleagues and I have been talking a lot about stewardship these last few months, because it’s such an important part of the donor relationship. That’s why I’m so pleased that non-profits (including some of our clients) are paying closer attention to donor stewardship and accountability. Appropriately acknowledging a gift includes promptly thanking donors for […]

Thinking About Donor Retention?

July 9, 2013

If you’ve been to a fundraising conference lately, read an article or blog, or chatted with your colleagues you’ll know that retention is the current buzzword and biggest concern amongst fundraising professionals today.  And so it should be. The number one complaint donors have is accountability.  We’re not telling them where their money goes.  And […]

Create a Warm Welcome for New Donors

May 8, 2013

The latest statistics show that overall donor retention sits at about 40%. Yep, you read that right: you can expect to lose, on average, six out of every ten of your donors each year.  If you break that down and look only at first time donors, the picture is even worse: only 27% will stay […]

Leah’s Super Duper Awesome Tourist Guide for CAGP Conference Attendees

April 12, 2013

When you received the initial announcement about the 2013 CAGP National Conference, you can be forgiven for being a little mystified. Gatineau? Where on earth is that? (It certainly doesn’t help that, up until ten years ago, the City of Gatineau was called the City of Hull.) Let me tell you a little bit about […]