Where storytelling meets individual giving.

Our services span the entire spectrum of your annual fundraising program.

We apply a winning fundraising formula to direct marketing that is quite simple.

Tell a compelling story. Demonstrate real human need. Show the answer to the need. Convince the donor that you are best able to provide that answer.

Direct Mail

Your annual giving pyramid is built on a healthy pool of individual donors. We make the mail work for you as you begin to take donors on a journey to higher order giving.
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You can activate the internet to engage your supporters. We’ll help you use your website, email and social media to fundraise in a smart, seamless and integrated way.
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Your long-time every day loyal donors can make a deeply meaningful planned gift to you. We’ll help you leverage the art and science in making this ask.
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Make sure your fundraising infrastructure is in great shape. Audits, reviews and cases for support are necessary tools to help you build a solid foundation.
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Data shouldn’t be an afterthought. We scrutinize your data to find opportunities hiding in your database, while helping you figure out what you want to accomplish and how to measure results.
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Customized Consulting

Maybe you need help with something that seems a little bit, well, unusual or unique. Or, maybe you just need someone to bounce ideas off of and help you hone your fundraising strategy.
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We’re here to help you.

Is there something keeping you up at night? If thinking about your fundraising challenges prevents you from counting sheep then it might be time for us to connect. Let’s talk about how we can help you.