Jenna Robertson

Project Specialist

Born and raised in Ottawa, I first entered the world of fundraising and philanthropy through my local church and Girl Guides community.

The passion for helping and sharing was further sparked by working alongside my mother. As long as I’ve been around she’s dealt with chronic pain and disability, but it never stopped her from pitching in. She was the Girl Guides leader for my friends and for several years beyond, she volunteered at my school to read books to the differently-abled children, and employed me to assist her in craft days and group games.

That caring and community-driven spirit continues on in me, and I’m so excited to be a member of Good Works and a part of something bigger.

Having previously worked in the printing profession, I got a lot of experience managing the production side of things. However, it left me feeling like I wanted to play a bigger role in the world around me. Working in graphic design for a few years helped me assist people on an individual basis, but still lacked the far-reaching impact I desired.

Enter Good Works – and the whirlwind of direct mail, fundraising, digital strategy, and so much more for non-profits. I’ve jumped into the deep-end, and the water is great!

Every day is a new challenge to make a positive impact on the world around me – and I hope I’ve come full circle, from selling cookies to improving the lives of people everywhere. Doing Good Work!

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