Margaret Bigelow

Senior Production Specialist

Helping is part of my DNA – really!

My immigrant parents were blessed when Canada welcomed them to this beautiful country many decades ago. Wanting to give back, they spent countless hours assisting other family members who had also been granted the privilege of starting a new life here. Teaching English, cooking meals, house hunting, small loans – no task was too big or too small for them.

The smiles and the hugs of relief I witnessed had a profound effect on my future path in life.

Before I knew it, I was raising my own wonderful children (3 babies in just over 3 years!).  It was a super-busy, fun-filled time. Multi-tasking was a given; sleep was a gift! Yet, I still made the time to do more in any way I could: co-operative playgroups, outdoor sports coordinator, Brownie leader, school volunteer.  I also continued a tradition I started while in high school. I donated blood on a regular basis and happy to say I’ve made more than 100 donations!

Small gestures….but each one a satisfying achievement.

It’s a thrill guiding a challenging project through to fruition – on time and on budget.  And I absolutely love being in a position where I can reach out and provide support.  Perhaps a client looking for money-saving suggestions, a supplier calling to discuss pricing or delivery timelines, or one of my colleagues looking to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming campaign.  My adrenaline flows when I’m able to juggle competing priorities and see results!

I now have the privilege of volunteering at my grandson’s school: making play dough, pizza lunches, field trips and more.  It’s so inspiring to walk the halls and witness the wee ones lending a helping hand to each other – our next generation of philanthropists in the making!

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