Megan Feltham

Campaign Strategist

My childhood dream was to be an architect. If I wasn’t in the high school cafeteria during lunch hour, you could always find me in the drafting room, drawing up my dream home. My career path ultimately led to philanthropy, but I’ve never lost an interest in building things from the ground up. In a funny way, you might say I became a fundraising architect!

I love strategizing and mapping out plans. I’m a future thinker, always figuring out how to move the needle from start to finish, and enjoying the process in between. I like taking an idea, putting pen to paper and watching it grow. These passions proved to be a great match for helping not-for-profits develop and execute their mission and vision.

My career working in the charitable sector started in 2005. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some pretty amazing leaders in both large and small organizations, with fundraising being a common thread throughout. I once thought of myself as a fundraising generalist, but after leading multi-million-dollar annual giving campaigns for a local nonprofit, I’ve come to realize that annual campaigns are where I thrive.

Winston Churchill once said; “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  I couldn’t agree more. It brings me great joy and satisfaction helping non-profits reach new heights. I get to help them help others!

When I’m not strategizing campaigns at Good Works, I’m planning out fun-filled adventures in the forest with my family. I live in the Gatineau Hills, where I can venture on mountain bike and hiking trails, downhill and cross-country ski out my back door, and paddle down the river on a hot summer day. And when I’m not playing in the forest, I’m coaching my daughters’ soccer teams and cheering them on as they pursue their passions in life.

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