Namrata Goyes

Philanthropic Counsel

I was born and raised in Calcutta, India and grew up surrounded by noise and dogs and people and chaos. And every single day I saw inequality and poverty – and the effects of it – be it through homelessness, lack of nutrition, insufficient healthcare or education.

After an almost decade-long stint in the private sector in India, the “Great White North” beckoned. My move to Canada in 2010 coincided perfectly with a shift in professional perspective – I now had the chance to make a difference.

My foray into fundraising featured a chance conversation, a bumpy bus ride and a broken heel, as I literally (and metaphorically) tumbled into the Canadian Cancer society office in Ottawa to begin my fundraising journey. In those first years, I’ll never forget the elation I felt at connecting a volunteer driver to a patient or the pride I felt in standing at a Walmart collecting loonies for daffodil pins. It dawned on me that when it comes to giving, every little bit counts.

A decade in, I carry that with me into everything I do as a fundraiser. I’ve worked in campaigns big and small, and approach everything with positivity – there is no problem that can’t be fixed, no mountain that can’t be scaled and nothing is ever too small in my fundraising world. If you give it to me, it will be done.

When I’m not buried in my laptop, you’ll find me surrounded by baking ingredients and books and well on my way to becoming a millionaire by the $1 fee I have installed for every use of the word “Mommy”. I feel grateful and blessed to be where I am, and try to give back through fundraising and volunteering at every opportunity I get.

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