Summar Bourada

Digital Fundraiser

I was raised by a single mother, right here in Ottawa. My mom devoted herself to helping anyone in any way possible with her unwavering generosity and kindness, despite having little herself. Growing up surrounded by such strength and resilience, I developed a passion for learning what makes someone who they are at their core.

This is where my love for storytelling started. Each of us has a unique story that shapes the person we become. It is up to us to decide how our stories can help the lives of others.

That passion is what drives my love for all things digital. From email and video to social and ads, online is such an efficient way to communicate and share stories on a wide scale. It makes connecting with like-minded people across the globe exceptionally easy, and that is such a powerful tool.

After spending 4 years in Kingston studying human geography at Queen’s University, I returned to my hometown to  complete my public relations certificate years later at Algonquin College.

In my spare time, I run my own jewelry business that raises funds and awareness for women’s health conditions and mental health, both of which I am afflicted. You’ll find me curled up with my rescue pets more often than not, reading or enjoying a peaceful respite. Don’t get me wrong, I love the latest bingeable TV show as much as any other millennial, but there’s nothing like soaking in the sun with your fur babies.

Creating and executing campaigns for organizations to fundraise for their cause is music to my ears. I am grateful for the opportunity to amplify marginalized voices, share stories that directly impact the lives of others, and use my digital knowledge to expand reach in this ever-changing world.

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