ROI – The True Value of Your Direct Mail Program

September 13, 2019

  I started doing direct mail fundraising work in 1989 – that’s 30 years ago. While most of what makes direct mail (and all direct response channels for that matter) work hasn’t changed – like high personalization, great storytelling, compelling response devices, and powerful offers – there is one area that has changed quite a […]

The Holy Trinity of Aging Well

April 23, 2019

Most of us who work as fundraisers have super-busy lives. We rush from family to job responsibility – and back – sometimes several times in a day. At work, we’re trying to do more with less – and to do it more quickly than we did last year. Most fundraisers live in what Jane Fonda […]

Guest Post: Listening

March 28, 2013

We’re going to try something a little different around here. Today, we’re sharing our very first guest post by Rory Green, Senior Development Officer – Major Gifts, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  If you recognize the last name, you’ll know that she’s part of the extended Good Works family. I’ve always been a loud […]

Raising $1,000+ gifts by mail

January 8, 2013

Community leader, visionary philanthropist – whatever title you choose when approaching some of your most generous and loyal donors by mail – there are a few important details you want to keep in mind. Before you put pen to paper, you should have already given some serious thought to the following: The audience you will […]

Find direction with your major gifts compass

February 2, 2012

Just about every small to medium-sized charity I talk to struggles with major gifts. They look at the big hospitals and universities up the street and get overwhelmed. ‘They’ve got staff and money and experience. We’ve got none of that. How can we possibly compete?’ Let me start by saying that more effort on major […]

Making your case

July 6, 2011

I’ve just spent two very rewarding days drafting a case for support for a Canadian international development NGO. What made those two days so much fun for me? Here are a few reasons. The client supplied us with a lot of great background information. Sorting through all the great stories and program descriptions to choose […]