Direct Mail Fundraising with Good Works

The direct mail marketplace is more competitive than ever before. Good Works can help your direct mail program stand out by speaking to the heart.

Good Works uses the neuroscience of storytelling to connect with donors on a new level. By choosing the perfect story and the right storyteller, we’ll activate the parts of your donor’s brain that are really responsible for making decisions: their emotions and instincts.

By telling stories that tug heartstrings, we can help you build deeper, more meaningful connections with your donors – and motivate incredible acts of generosity.

Direct Mail That Really Works

The Good Works direct mail strategy is simple but successful. We start with a foundation of telling heartfelt, authentic stories.

Next, we layer in phone and digital touchpoints, integrated together to build a solid and stable revenue platform. Then, by selecting the right segments and crafting the right offer, we can inspire your donors to upgrade to monthly, mid-level, and legacy giving!

How can Good Workers help you ramp up your direct mail program?

  • Strategic Insight: If your donor file is shrinking year after year, it’s probably time to re-think the way you’re doing things. Good Works can help you plan and execute a strategic program that will stem attrition, improve renewal rates, and help you hit your direct mail ROI targets!
  • Mission-Based Acquisition: Do you want to acquire new donors who love you – not your labels, socks, and notepads? Good Works’ mission-focused approach brings in higher-quality donors who convert to second and third gifts faster, and have a greater lifetime value.
  • Increasing Retention: Your donors just aren’t responding to your direct mail appeals the way they used to. Good Works can help you ramp up your storytelling abilities in order to rekindle their passion for your cause.
  • Heartfelt Stewardship: For years, you’ve been wanting to build a stewardship program for your direct mail donors that will keep them coming back – and eventually commit to charitable bequests. Good Works can design a seamless multi-channel program that thanks and stewards your donors in a way that they feel valued by you and your organization.

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Whether you’re ready to take your direct mail program to the next level, dive into the world of digital direct response, or launch the legacy giving program of your dreams, Good Works is here to help you.