Legacy Fundraising with Good Works

There’s a true goldmine in your direct mail database. Do you know where it is?

Good Works does. Our research has found that 75% of gifts in wills in Canada come from direct mail donors.

And that’s not all. We also know exactly how to mine your data to find the best legacy prospects – and then, how to speak to them about the final chapter of their lives.

You have more legacy gift prospects in your file than you could possibly hope to go visit. Good Works will show you how to use direct response tools to reach out, connect, persuade and reveal new planned gifts to your organization.

The Autobiographical Approach to Legacy Giving

The approach we’ll take with you is pretty simple. Find the right segments of donors on your file. Use mass marketing tools, like mail, phone or email, to create hyper-personalized touchpoints that tell powerful stories from carefully selected storytellers. Take a patient and respectful approach. Your donors will appreciate the way you build the relationship – and they’ll reward you with gifts in their wills.

How can Good Works ramp up your legacy gift marketing efforts?

  • Multi-Year Strategies: We’ll design your custom multi-year legacy strategy that makes the business case for an investment in planned giving. Your plan will also identify which audiences are your best prospects, articulate a case for legacy support, set revenue goals and lay out a tactical plan that will be your recipe book for success. With a solid plan in hand, you won’t fail.
  • Multi-Channel Journeys: We can plan and execute a series of mail, digital and phone touchpoints with your legacy prospects. Imagine having thousands of your most loyal donors receiving consistent, quality communication about planned giving designed to move them closer to considering and committing to a gift in their will!
  • Legacy Web Content: It’s vital that your website be both informative and persuasive when it comes to legacy giving – and that it speaks to both the key audiences it needs to! Ask us to show you how your site can both persuade prospects to make the gift and offer allied professionals (like estate lawyers) the information they need to actually get the gift into the will.
  • Marketing Materials: We’ll create your marketing materials – both print and digital – that are powerful and persuasive tools in helping your legacy prospects along their bequest decision journey. Think of it. You’ll finally have planned giving materials that you’ll actually be proud to give to people!

We’d love to talk to you!

Work With Us

Whether you’re ready to take your direct mail program to the next level, dive into the world of digital direct response, or launch the legacy giving program of your dreams, Good Works is here to help you.