Artful Persuasion: 32 Tips for Legacy writing


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Artful Persuasion: 32 Practical Tips for Legacy Fundraisers

Persuading your supporters to make bequests to your organization is both art and science. Packed with concrete taps and real examples, Artful Persuasion give you the tools to create powerful and persuasive messages

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You Can Harness The Power of Persuasion

Lots of fundraisers create legacy marketing campaigns that are designed to identify bequests that donors have already made. But when you think about, that approach isn’t raising you more money.

The real money lies in persuading those on-the-fence prospects to take the leap into legacy with you. But how do you do it?

In this whitepaper, you’ll find 32 tried-true-tips for legacy marketing. You’ll learn how to put Good Works’ autobiographical approach into action to speak to your donors on a whole new level. We’ll share our secrets on everything from language to channels to messaging.

Use these tips, and watch the ROI on your legacy program grow.

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