Changing Tides: The Evolution of Giving Behaviour in Canada


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The new trends in giving in Canada

Direct mail isn’t dead. The legacy market just got a lot younger. And older donors like to give online. The tides are changing in Canadian fundraising. Download Changing Tides now to make sure you’re ready to surf the wave!

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Giving behaviour is evolving. Giving channels are shifting. Donor needs are expanding.

If you want to ride the changing tide of fundraising in Canada, this is the report for you.

In the newest evolution of Good Works’ much-loved State of the Nation research series, you’ll discover how donors are bucking conventional fundraising wisdom. As we’ve done since 2011, we polled Canadian donors and asked some key questions. How do they choose to give? Is there a difference between the channel that triggers a gift, and the channel you give through? Is giving channel the be-all-and-end-all of giving behaviour?

This year’s results showed us how the tides are changing in Canadian fundraising. Dive into the data to see how donors are changing their relationships with direct mail, digital fundraising, and legacy giving!

For example, are you looking for proof that direct mail is alive and well? We’ve got it: more than 33% of the donors we spoke to give in response to the mail. Not only that, two-thirds of those gifts were made online – integration is more key than ever to fundraising success!

How about insights into the future of legacy marketing? The folks who are leaving gifts in their wills just got younger and more reactive. That means you need to speak a whole new legacy language.

Finally, want to know how age influences giving channel? We think you’ll be surprised.

Download Changing Tides: The Evolution of Giving Behaviour in Canada and make sure your fundraising is ready to rise to the challenge!

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