Finding Your Mid-level Donor Heroes


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Find Your Mid-level Hero Donors

Discover the 5 key criteria that can help you find the mid-level donors hiding in your database – and the proven strategies Good Works uses to ask them to give more than ever before.

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What Motivates Mid-level Donors to Give?

There’s a revenue increase hiding right under your nose. And if you can tell the right stories to exactly the right donors in exactly the right ways, you can find it!

This whitepaper combines new polling data with best-in-class neuroscience to understand not just who your mid-level donors are, but why they give. You’ll uncover the 3 key reasons that a donor chooses to upgrade their giving to you (spoiler alert – names on donor walls isn’t one of them!) and find practical tips about how to harness those motivations.

Think of Finding Your Hidden Heroes as your very own crash course in mid-level donors. Find out who these donors are, what makes them tick, and how to help them convert – all for free.

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