Cindy Han

Account Manager

Gimbap sales were my childhood equivalent of a bake sale. Many rolls of gimbap (Korean rolls with dried seaweed, rice, and an array of mouth-watering options) were made and sold by teams of volunteers, all to raise funds and support various missions.

As a child, I watched this process unfold, wondering at the many hands involved and the flurry of activity. Looking back, I can see how it was a labour of love from a community determined to do something to help someone.

Twenty years into a fundraising career that has spanned annual and capital campaigns, direct mail and events, grants, major and planned gifts, I have seen this spirit of determination and good will in donors, charities, community causes, and fundraisers alike. When you bring together passionate people around a shared cause, you can build affordable housing, deliver new healthcare solutions, and tackle poverty, inequity, and racism.

And, what else is really exciting? Knowing there is a way for any person who cares to make a difference. You can roll gimbaps or bake cupcakes. You can say yes to becoming a monthly donor. You can gift securities or bitcoin. You can make a gift in your will. Have a cause you love? There’s a way to help!

As a fundraiser, I live at and create intersections of causes and donors. And as a Good Worker, I help clients doing vital community work connect more deeply with their communities of support. This is how I get to make my difference and I’m beyond grateful to do this work.

When I’m not fundraising, (and, as was pointed out by my friend when I started soliciting a shop keeper for silent auction items during a girls’ night out, do I ever really stop fundraising?), you’ll find me with my hubby trying to keep up with the kiddos, running around the west end of Toronto.

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