Kelly Heaslip

Print Production Specialist

I was born and raised in Ottawa but my family roots stem from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Western Quebec. Growing up I loved listening to the stories that were told during family gatherings and learning about what their lives were like back home. Nothing beats a great story, big or small, I loved listening to every single one of them.

I have been in the design and print industry for 25+ years. I have been involved with all kinds of print projects over the years like multi-piece campaigns for large corporations, large-volume direct mail packages with complicated data and variable print segments. There have also been small high-end projects using the latest cutting-edge print techniques and fancy paper. Large or small they all have their own set of challenges and time management hurdles that need to be solved. My job has always been to quickly assess what needs to be done and set a realistic timeline for each step to make sure we can give each phase the time and attention it needs to get the job done properly.

I have always enjoyed working in a creative environment surrounded by creative people. I have been fortunate to work with some of Ottawa’s best designers and have been witness to some amazing campaign ideas created under pressure with hard deadlines being met just in the nick of time. Working in design and print is about juggling many fast-paced projects where there is never enough time and the deadline is never flexible.

When I am not driving back and forth from skating rinks and soccer fields, I can be found in my garden staring at the weeds that need to be pulled or making mental notes of which overgrown perennial needs to be divided and moved. When I need an excuse to avoid digging up a massive Hosta I can be found at estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores hunting for treasures and trying to justify why I need to bring an item home with me.

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