Nadine Cheney

Print Production Specialist & Team Lead

The world really is a pretty amazing place, despite what the news might say. And, more than anywhere, I’ve learned this through fundraising.

People are always willing to step up, to help out, to lend a hand and make things better – and that rings true for both donors and those of us lucky enough to work in this sector. We’re at our very best when we look outwards.

As a kid growing up in small-town Nova Scotia, I was always making posters for one fundraising cause or another, be it Girl Guide cookie sales or when the town needed a new skating rink. I got to draw (another passion!) and do something that mattered.

Call me crazy, but I really like putting things together. Whether that means structures – with or without instructions – or super-complicated direct mail campaigns, I like creating order from chaos (but don’t look at my art studio, please – that doesn’t count). To make the complex appear simple makes my heart sing.

My favourite part of fundraising is in helping to create mail appeals that will get noticed – and opened! Whether that’s through finding imagery that’s “just right,” or crafting the right envelope teaser and graphic combo that will make donors want to learn more, it’s a challenge I truly love.

Helping clients achieve their program goals is another favourite thing, and I’m fortunate enough to be working with some of the smartest folks in the business that’ll help charities get to where they need to be, and perhaps beyond. Lucky me 🙂

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