Phil Downs

Manager Creative People and Systems

There are many reasons I love working at Good Works. One of the best is the wide variety of different stories I get to hear. Each of those stories can elicit any number of strong emotions.

Among my favorites are the many different legacy stories that I have the privilege of reading in the course of my work. These stories are often about everyday folks who have lived remarkable lives and having reflected upon how they themselves were touched by generosity in their lives, they have sought to pay that forward to others.

The notion of giving back what we have been given is a powerful one that resonates in my life. Being of service to others in my personal life is an important and powerfully spiritual endeavor. To be able to be part of facilitating that process for others as part of my everyday work life is a bonus gift I get every day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a hockey game I’ve got to go watch.  Go Sens Go!

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