You Can’t Take it With You: The Art and Science of Legacy Fundraising

You Can't Take it With You: the Art and Science of Legacy Funraising


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The art and science of legacy fundraising

In an ever more competitive and demanding charitable marketplace, there is one area of fundraising that has enjoyed a tremendous boom over the past decade. Charitable bequests are now worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars in Canada – and everyone (including you no doubt!) wants their share of that wealth. Finally, there’s a fascinating book that will provide you with everything you’ll need to build and grow a legacy giving program that will advance your organization’s mission like never before. This is so much more than an update to 2007’s Iceberg Philanthropy – this book is packed with everything we’ve learned in the past 10 years of legacy marketing. Download one free chapter below!

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Dive deep into the art and science of legacy fundraising in You Can’t Take it With You: The Art and Science of Legacy Fundraising from Good Works partners Holly, Charlotte, and Fraser. The goal: to foster understanding of the who, why, and how of the Canadian planned giving landscape.

This book is your complete guide to understanding prospects, setting strategy, designing persuasive messaging, and executing a plan that will add tremendous revenue to your bottom line.

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