State of the Legacy Nation 2023


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A Closer Look at Will-Making and Charitable Giving in Canada

How has the legacy marketplace evolved since 2019? Download now to find out.

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The State of the Legacy Nation is back!

It’s been 4 years, one pandemic, and a whole lot of global change since our last State of the Legacy Nation report. We’re so excited to bring you all-Canadian data on the legacy marketplace – plus our analysis about what it all means, where it’s going, and what you can do today to set up your charity for legacy success.

When you download The State of the Legacy Nation 2023, you’ll find out:

  • How many Canadians have made wills, or are planning to make them
  • The current and future value of legacy giving in Canada (spoiler alert – it’s in the billions!)
  • How the proportion of will-makers to charitable bequesters has evolved since the pandemic

This year’s report also explores the impact of COVID-driven will-making and the evolution of a legacy marketplace where Gen X and Millennials have started making wills in a meaningful way. These are the next generation of legacy donors!

Best of all, we’ve shared 5 key recommendations that you can use in your own legacy marketing today to generate powerful legacy gifts tomorrow. Download the State of the Legacy Nation 2023 now!

In this recording of our live webinar on the report, Good Works legacy experts Fraser Green and Charlotte Field dive into the total picture: how our polled data and the broader national statistics come together to clarify the state of legacy giving for Canadian charities.

They give insights into how the marketplace has evolved since our 2019 report and answer key questions from the audience.

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