Fraser Green


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been curious about everything – and I’ve always had this larger-than-life imagination. And, I’ve always been driven by the simple belief that to few people in this world have way too much – while too many people have way too little.

My curiosity has turned me into a self-confessed market research freak. I’m always itching to know what donors think, how they feel, and what motivates them to do the good works they do. For the past 25 years, I’ve made it my personal mission to bring thoughtful donor research into the culture of our clients’ organizations.

Social justice has always been at my core. Since I ran my first NDP campaign at the age of 16, I’ve dedicated my work life to the idea that we can all share more fairly and love more openly.

In my work, my true passions are writing and speaking. I’ve been a part of writing four books, and I’m proud to have them as part of my legacy. And, I love speaking at conferences – especially when my stories connect with audiences in deep and profound ways.

But, when you strip it all down, what I love most about my work is the people I’m surrounded with each and every day. To live and work in a tribe that is so soulful, generous and loving is my greatest privilege. And to professionally pursue love and justice is a gift I’ll forever treasure.

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