Simple Lettershop Secrets For Seamless Direct Mail

May 31, 2016

You’ve created a Direct Mail plan and gotten the budget approved. You’ve harassed your data guy, the graphic designer, and the print supplier.  Now, you can finally send everything off to the lettershop and wait for the responses and donations to roll in. Right? Maybe, maybe not. Before you sit back and breathe a sigh […]

How To Survive A Canada Post Strike

May 24, 2016

UPDATE 2 (May 30th, 11:30 AM): According the CBC, Canada Post is warning some of its major clients to make contingency plans ahead of a possible strike. Talks appear to be moving slowly. Again, nothing here is confirmed – but it’s good to make sure you have your own contingency plans in place (and Margaret has some great […]

hot air balloon
In Case You Missed Out: The #DonorLove Rendezvous Recap

May 16, 2016

Over the past twenty years, I’ve probably been to as many fundraising conferences as anybody. But, on May 11, I went to one that was COMPLETELY different: the #DonorLove Rendezvous. And, not only was it different, it was great! I spent a whole day with about 150 fundraisers from Canada, the USA and Ireland. Sure, […]

5 Easy Ways To Get Multi-Channel Working For You

May 10, 2016

May is the month we’ve all been patiently waiting for. We’ve endured the April showers and we’re more than ready to welcome in the warmer weather. Around this time every year, we’re sitting down with clients and poring over results. For many, the fiscal year in only a couple of months in, but for all, […]

find your perfect signatory
How To Pick Your Perfect Signatory

May 2, 2016

I’m amazed at the number of organizations I talk to who have only ever sent out appeals signed by their Executive Director or CEO. And, when I question why that’s being done, they’re not really sure. It’s just always the way it’s been done, so they continue to do it. Usually, they haven’t really thought through […]

Powerful Digital Metrics Every Fundraiser Should Use

April 26, 2016

Late last year, I had the privilege of presenting a session at the 2015 AFP Congress in Toronto called “Metrics That Matter: KPIs Every Fundraiser Should Use to Evaluate Their Digital Program.” This workshop was developed in response to a flurry of emails I received in the spring from several clients. These fundraisers wanted to […]

how to be a great legacy fundraiser
How To Be A Great Legacy Fundraiser

April 20, 2016

I’ve invested myself in the world of legacy giving for some fifteen years now. Over those years, one simple truth has become more and more evident to me. That truth is this: One of the biggest obstacles to great legacy fundraising is the age gap between planned giving fundraisers and their legacy prospects. Let’s start with […]

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4 No-Fail Tips for Easy Editing

April 12, 2016

You can write the most emotional letter, grateful thanks, or snappy email in the entire world – but it can all be derailed by a big, dumb typo. Sometimes, running spellcheck just isn’t enough. That’s especially true for fundraisers, since we usually write in plain language that Word or Pages can struggle to understand. So […]

Fran’s Magic Formula For Sure-Fire Stewardship

April 6, 2016

Before I became a partner at Good Works, I was a client (twice in fact!). Way back in 1989, Good Works was known as Fran Lowe and Associates – and it was led by its founder, Fran Lowe. When I started working with Fran, she taught me two very fundamental lessons: First, she told me […]

Is Donor Recognition Really That Useful?

March 30, 2016

Why do we things the way we do? It’s a question we sometimes forget to ask ourselves, but it’s an important one.  In this series, we’ll be asking a fundraising question that might seem simple, and looking to a Good Worker and a guest for their thoughts. There are no right answers here, but we hope […]