Ok, I realize I’m a little late to the game in sharing resolutions for 2022, but one of MY resolutions was to be a bit more “chill” this year (as my husband would put it).

So instead of stressing about my resolution-sharing-tardiness, I’m going to dedicate this post to the fundraisers who are still recovering from the year-end madness.

So, without further ado….

Happy New Year, fellow fundraisers! It’s 2022! I know it looks and feels like January 2021 (thanks Omicron) but it’s actually a whole new year!

I know you’re tired. That’s why I’ve done the work for you, and put together some simple, fundraising-related resolutions that you can strive towards this year. (You can pick one to implement, or use them all. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m super chill!)


Fundraising Resolution #1: Try Something New

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that “normal” doesn’t really exist. And that’s proven true for donor and giving behaviour, too. Now’s the time to try new channels, new tactics, and maybe even shake things up with your audience segments.

Thinking about adding an SMS campaign to the mix? Go for it! Looking to explore a new audience for your Facebook ads? Now’s the time to try! You could even incorporate a unique, eye-catching outer envelope, or try to deepen donor engagement with a survey.


Fundraising Resolution #2: Test, Test, Test

This is really an extension of resolution #1. Our fundraising world is constantly evolving and what worked for your organization five years ago might not work in the same way today. I would encourage you to regularly test the usual things like copy length, gift strings and donor premiums. Don’t just accept it because it’s how you’ve always done it – you might be about to uncover a nugget of fundraising gold!

And if you have an idea that you think might shake things up and get donors to respond, go ahead and test it!


Fundraising Resolution #3: Help Your Fellow Fundraisers (Participate in the 2022 Direct Mail Benchmarks Report)

Here at Good Works, we’re already working on the fourth edition of this annual report, which analyzes direct mail data from charities across the country. The result is a snapshot of direct mail performance in Canada, including year-over-year trends and real benchmarks that you can measure against. (You can find last year’s report here!)

We’re currently recruiting nonprofit organizations to participate in this year’s report, and share with us their direct mail results and revenue figures from 2021. If you can be a part of it, sign up here by February 15, 2022! (You’ll receive a custom report with your organization’s own benchmarks as a thank you!)


Fundraising Resolution #4: Show Your Donors More Love

Go the extra mile to thank your donors in 2022. Like all of us, they deserve a little extra love this year. My fellow Good Worker, Jenn, has put together a quick refresher on loving your donors if you need an extra push.

And PLEASE, for the love of all things fundraising, stop over-using the word “support” and “impact”!

(I know it sounds like I’m getting all worked up about this, but I assure you, I’m SO chill. Just please stop using those words so much… dude.)

The perfectionist in me wants to round this list out to a solid five but because I’m so incredibly chill, and we’re all just doing our best right now, let’s keep it at four.


So there you have it! Four easy-peasy resolutions you can make to pump up your fundraising efforts in the year ahead. From all of us here at Good Works, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, goal-smashing, donor-pleasing 2022.