Participate in the 2024 Direct Mail Benchmarks report

Complete the data intake form by Friday, March 8 to be entered to win prizes for you and your team!

You could win 15 minutes with a senior Good Worker to chat about your own Benchmarks! Or, you could win coffee on us via a $25 gift card! And of course, every participating charity gets their own organizational benchmarks report (and our unending gratitude).

Watch the data input tutorial below to get a walkthrough of the specific data that makes up the Direct Mail Benchmarks report.


What data do you need?” We’ve created a handy Data Outline Document that you can download and review (or share with your data folks) to build your query. The Cole’s Notes is that we’re looking for sum totals (no raw data!) of one-time revenue and gifts for calendar 2023. You can skip items you don’t have data for – partial data is better than no data in this case!

Where do I submit my data?” Submit your results in about 15 minutes with this Google Form! You can start and stop as needed – your progress will be saved until you hit submit. The submission deadline is March 1, 2024 (just over two weeks away!).

What do I do if I get stuck?” Never fear – if the data intake document and the walkthrough above don’t answer your questions, you can also reach out to me directly at