2022 Direct Mail Benchmarks

2022 Direct Mail Benchmarks Report


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Direct Mail Benchmarks for Canadian Charities

Calling all charities! If you’re looking for the latest direct mail metrics and trends in Canada, look no further than the 2022 direct mail benchmarks report. Inside you’ll find a snapshot of direct mail in Year 2 of COVID-19, complete with year-over-year analysis — so you can find out more about the pandemic’s impact on DM. See how average gift, cost per dollar raised, and renewal rates changed during the second year of pandemic fundraising. All this plus some brand-new metrics and a handy print-out.

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So, why is the 2022 Direct Mail Benchmarks Report worth the read for a busy fundraiser like yourself?

First of all, you’ll get the inside scoop on last year’s direct mail performance in the charitable sector.

Not only that, we’ve also packed this report with the key performance indicators you’ve come to rely on – like cost to acquire a new direct mail donor, mailing response rates, and average gift amount. As an added bonus, if you work for a hospital or healthcare charity, we’ve even got specific KPIs just for your organization!

But we didn’t stop there! Just like direct mail itself, our benchmarks report keeps on changing. When fundraisers like you ask us to add even more of metrics you need – whether it’s to help you understand and optimize your program, to make the case for further investment, or just to see how you measure up – we answer!

In the 2022 Direct Mail Benchmarks report, you’ll find brand new metrics, including:

  • Donor reactivation rate, so you can see how well Canadian mail programs brought lapsed donors back into the fold
  • Acquisition sources, to show where charities are finding new donors to grow their programs
  • Integration benchmarks, demonstrating how orgs like yours are adapting to a multi-channel world

As always, this report is totally free for direct mail fundraisers. And, as always, it’s grounded in all-Canadian data, so it’s specific to fundraising right here! Download now and discover if you’re on target in your sector, outperforming, or if you have areas to improve.

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