Is Annual Giving Immune To COVID-19?


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The Report You Need To Succeed

Want to know how fundraising will be impacted by the pandemic? We polled 1,600 Canadians to find out how they’ve been giving – and whether they intend to keep giving. Get the report now, and find out how you can navigate annual giving, your message, and your donors in the months to come.

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Be Prepared For The Months Ahead

Inside this concise but super-helpful report, you’ll find:

  • How many Canadians were giving to charity immediately before the pandemic hit (our baseline).
  • What channels Canadians choose to give through – and how many channels donors use.
  • How Canadians’ personal income has been affected by the pandemic.
  • How Canadians intend to give in the months to come, now that the pandemic is a fixture in our lives.
  • How robust we can expect direct mail and digital giving channels to be in the months to come.

Before you budget your fundraising investments for your next fiscal year, you must read ‘Is Annual Giving Immune to COVID-19?’. Get your report now.


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