The Case for a Case For Support


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The Case For A Case For Support

There are six guiding principles to writing an inspiring case for support – and you’ll find them here! Put them into play and you’ll start connecting with your donors and prospects like you never have before.

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If you really understand the inner workings of the donor’s brain, you’ll understand that the gift is the result of a two-step process. First, the heart creates the impulse to give. Then, and only then, does the brain finalize the decision to give.

But so many cases for support emphasize facts and figures over feelings! Good Works can help you take your case for support into the stratosphere by speaking to donor hearts instead of heads.

Learn to strike the perfect balance between powerful story and rational argument, and you can re-ignite the passion your donors have for your work – and re-ignite their giving, too.

Get your case right – and watch the money roll in.

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