I was out to dinner with my sister Nancy recently, and as we sat chatting, waiting for our orders to arrive we heard the fellow at the next table ask to see the manager. Nancy and I exchanged knowing glances … somebody was in trouble! It turns out our fellow diner wanted to tell the manager just how wonderful a dining experience he, his wife and two young children had. They were delighted!

And while it’s just not possible to keep everybody happy all the time, it is possible to make promises you can deliver on and then make sure you deliver. And sometimes even when you don’t deliver, it’s possible to ‘make it right’ if you’re sincere and responsive. One of my favorite speakers, UnMarketing President, Scott Stratten has a great customer service story that ends with a happy Scott because somebody cared and did their very best to make it right. And while Scott didn’t get the hot breakfast he wanted, he left delighted.

How does this relate to your quest for delighted donors? It’s all about the service. And service is all about delivering on your promises.

I believe donors start out in a place of delight … they’re pretty happy to make a donation (otherwise they wouldn’t!). You’ve stated your case and they decide to give. They will often decide to stay and give more if you serve them well. Here are my eight simple truths for getting to delighted donors …
• Be attentive
• Prompt
• Friendly
• Helpful
• Sincere
• Informative
• Straightforward, and
• Deliver on your promise

That’s my recipe for donor delight … what’s yours?