3D Philanthropy (cover)Many of you have heard me talk about the need to reach out to donors in a new, more genuine way. I’ve spent this past year bringing those thoughts together in a book – 3D Philanthropy. It’s been a challenging and rewarding process, but now the real work begins. This is my personal salvo for changing everything we think we know about fundraising, but that will only work if you take the time to read it:

At the end of the day, donors are just people. And people go through their
days moving between their three natural dimensions – the intellectual,
the emotional and the spiritual. If we really want to connect deeply with
our donors, we must learn to reach their heads, their hearts AND their
souls. For the first time ever, a book tells fundraisers how to connect with
donors in all three dimensions.

Check it out today! Read our sample chapters and order your copy. And when you do, be sure to let me know your thoughts.