UPDATE: The CUPW has issued a strike notice. Industrial action will occur as of 11:59pm, 2 June should they not reach an agreement.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is threatening strike action, to take place no earlier than May 25th. At this stage, nobody is sure how long possible strike action will take – so we’d like to offer our clients and friends some handy tips on what to do should your mail program be interrupted by the strike.

Firstly, we recommend signing up to Canada Post’s information service: http://www.infopost.ca/customer

They will send an email or text alert to you 72 hours before any strike action will take place.

So how can you be strategic during a strike? Should you hold back mail or send it?

Both answers could be right depending on your program and schedule – we recommend taking a look at factors such as the urgency of a mailing, and the frequency of your mailings throughout the year.

There are also several tactical options for you to ensure you can still fundraise during a mail strike:

Include a buckslip

For any mailings going out in the next week, ensure there is a buckslip inserted explaining to donors that there may be a Canada Post strike coming up, and suggest alternative ways for them to make a donation to you should it go ahead.

Remember that typically, your mail donors will be older, so not everyone can visit your website to make a donation. Be sure to include a phone number (or numbers) of actual people in your organization who will take donations.


This tactic is great, because it’s a cheap and fast way for you to get a message out to your donors. However, it’ll only work for you if you have a file where the majority of donors have a listed email address.

You’ll also need to ensure that your website has an easy-to-use donate page.

Voice Broadcast

This is a good option, assuming that donors can be sent to a website or a phone number that will flawlessly take their gifts.


This is a great option, but very expensive.

We recommend only using TM as a last ditch effort, for example, if the strike goes on for a long time.

We invite all of our clients to explore ideas with your Good Works team. If you’re not a current client, but would like help, contact us to find out how we can help you through the strike.