Bulk Mail. Third Class Mail. Admail. Householder. 7Ps. Junk mail (Gotcha! I just wanted to see if you’re paying attention…).

It’s all in a name, isn’t it?

The start of a New Year heralds changes for many of us – and that includes a Canada Post update.

What’s New with Canada Post?

Direct Mail is now called Canada Post Smart MailTM. Admail is now called Personalized Mail. Unaddressed Mail has also received a facelift: it’s now known as Neighbourhood Mail.

What does this mean for you? It’s simpler than you might think.

You’ll need to start using these new terms in your direct mail. You have until January 2017 to make the transition, but you may have already seen the new names here and there – appearing on invoices from CPC, on postal indicias, shipping tools and more. For most, it should be a fairly simple switch.

So, if you have pre-printed envelopes in stock bearing an Addressed Admail permit, I suggest you start using them up!  And of course, there’s no time like the present to contact your Canada Post rep to ensure you’re downloading and using the most up-to-date indicia artwork for your campaigns, to avoid any unwelcome surprises or delays.

As an added bonus, we have an inside scoop for you! Have you heard of the new pilot project Canada Post is working on?  It’s called Postal Code Mail. There’s still a lot under wraps, but I did receive a piece in the mail recently and it reminded me of Neighbourhood Mail… with a twist! Check it out:

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I promise to share more info as soon as it becomes available – pros, cons, price, volumes, and more.

To learn more about this name change, and how it could affect your mailings, check out this handy PDF.

Those name changes are big news, but that’s not all that’s changed. Price increases also came into effect January 11th for all levels of Personalized Mail. For example, campaigns that include Machineable Standard pieces will increase to .46 from .45 (what used to be ‘short/long piece under 50 grams’).

Be mindful of CPC’s specs and ranges for envelope size, thickness and weight to help you keep postage as low as possible.  Most mailing houses can offer excellent info and tips to help you construct the perfectly sized mailing package… and avoid the dreaded 51.5 gram package!

So, now you know everything there is to know about the updates to Canada Post. Now get out there and get mailing!

Banner image courtesy of Kevin Steinhardt via Creative Commons on Flickr.