HERO giving is all about tapping the extraordinary potential of the everyday donor.  We created this nifty infographic to illustrate a simple strategy you can use to increase your direct mail revenues.  Feel free to share this infographic and download the companion Hidden Heroes white paper.

Finding Your Hidden Heroes Infographic

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<a href=”https://goodworksco.ca/media/16696/hiddenheroes_goodworks.jpg”> <img src=”https://goodworksco.ca/media/16696/hiddenheroes_goodworks_thumbnail.jpg” alt=”Finding Your Hidden Heroes Infographic” /></a> Infographic authored by Good Works, a full-service Canadian <a href=”https://www.goodworksco.ca/”>fundraising agency</a>. View the original post and fundraising infographic over on the <a href=”blog.goodworksco.ca/direct_marketing/finding-your-hidden-heroes-infographic/”> Good Works blog</a>.

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