How to tell heart from soul

The biggest struggle people have with 3D Philanthropy is grasping the difference between what I call the heart and what I call the soul. So here’s a bit of Heart & Soul 101 for you by way of introduction.

The Heart:

When I talk about the heart, I’m talking about our emotions. If you think of primary colours, there are also four primary emotions; happiness, sadness, anger and fear. These emotions are universal. We all experience them. In fact, most of us experience each of these emotions at some point during each and every day. Emotions are powerful and they’re sub-conscious. Emotions are powerful drivers of human behaviour – and most of the time we’re not aware of it. Perhaps the most important thing to know right off the bat as a fundraiser is that emotions (what I call the heart) are almost always more powerful than our intellect (what I call the head).

Our emotions are universal – in that we all experience the same ones. Our emotions are temporary. Few of us are angry all day long. Our emotions are usually triggered by something or someone external to ourselves (think of how your little sister knew how to drive you nuts when you were a kid!)

Many – if not most – decisions to make donations to charity start with an EMOTIONAL impulse.

The Soul:

Your soul is the deepest and truest part of you. If you’re an onion, the soul is what’s at the centre after all the layers have been peeled away. Each of us has a soul that’s unique to us alone. While emotions are temporary, our soul characteristics are pretty much permanent. While the four emotions are universal, each of us has a portfolio of soul characteristics that makes us unique. Some or your soul characteristics could include musicality, introspection, generosity, thoughtfulness and love of nature.

Human beings connect most deeply at the level of the soul. As Deepak Chopra says, ‘Anyone who has fallen in love has had a spiritual experience.’ Our love comes from our soul. And, to most of us, giving and receiving love is the most important and meaningful experience we have in our lives.

More than three-quarters of all donors agree that their charitable giving is an extension of their spiritual beliefs. The soul connection is where true love and loyalty come from. 3D Philantrhopy argues that connecting with the donor’s soul is the ultimate goal of fundraising and philanthropy. The biggest gifts come from the soul. The most loyal donors give from the soul.

I wrote this book to show you how to connect with the donor’s soul. It’s a mind-blowing journey. I hope you’ll take it!