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Trans Canada Trail – Legacy Persuasion Email Automation

Legacy email automation

Trans Canada Trail had contracted Good Works to update their legacy web content in support of a larger legacy marketing strategy. This update included the addition of a lead capture survey, designed to gather the email addresses of legacy prospects. Next, we needed to create a persuasive journey for those newly-identified leads!

Using the existing infrastructure, Good Works developed a series of emails that would drip automatically into leads’ inboxes over a multi-year period. Leads would first receive a qualifying survey, which would classify them based on their stage in the legacy journey. Depending on a lead’s answers, the legacy series would change in volume and pace over time.

The series is designed to plant the seeds of legacy giving, using Good Works’ autobiographical approach and the stories of amazing Trans Canada Trail donors to bring legacy giving to life. The series is now underway, and will be persuading prospects over the next months!

"This was a new undertaking for us, and Good Works was so thoughtful about every stage. They balanced our own resources and capacity with the needs and expectations of our new legacy leads, and we’re pleased with the final product.  We are uncovering new legacy donors as a result."

‐ Sandra Pimpao
Director of Development, Trans Canada Trail

In a project like this, choosing the right stories and storytellers was key.

We spoke with legacy donors and internal stakeholders to identify core values that connected people to Trans Canada Trail. In these discussions, themes of patriotism, a love of nature, an appreciation for history, and a connection to one’s fellow human were all common threads.

Those insights enabled us to build a mix of stories and storytellers that highlighted each value in its own unique way. Every storyteller used in the series is a current legacy donor, sharing their experience with and relationship to the Trail in their own way. This approach helps prospective donors to see themselves in the lives and feelings of people who’ve already made the jump – and invites them to imagine what it would be like if they, themselves, included a gift in their will.

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