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WWF-Canada – Legacy Magazine Insert

Living Planet Magazine Legacy Mailing

WWF-Canada has a well-established legacy program and set an ambitious goal of growing their Legacy Circle by 50.  As part of this goal, they needed to reach out and begin to cultivate a broader pool of direct mail donors, many of whom had not received a targeted legacy ask.

The Living Planet Magazine is sent to a large group of WWF-Canada supporters, three times a year. While the magazine itself typically includes a legacy donor story, WWF-Canada wanted to imagine how they could include a specific legacy impact report as part of this mailing.

Together, we dreamed up a 12-page legacy specific magazine that was inserted inside the larger Living Planet Magazine and distributed to these supporters by mail and in an electronic format.

"We rely on Good Works for their expertise, strategy and insight into what makes legacy donors tick."

‐ Maya Ahmad

When the donor gets this package, the first thing they see is a cover letter from Megan Leslie, the President & CEO. Normally, the reverse side of this paper is blank. This time we filled the space with a second letter penned by Monte Hummel, President Emeritus & Chair, Legacy Giving. The letter signaled to the donor that there was something different about this particular mailing, and invited the donor to read the special legacy insert.

We strategically decided that a portion of the copy should be targeted to donors who have already left a gift in their Will and encouraged them to share their intentions with others as a way of amplifying their own impact.

The bulk of the copy in the Legacy impact report would serve to introduce, persuade and cultivate donors around this way of giving. We shared donor stories, and incorporated conservation impact stories highlighting how realized estate gifts have helped transform WWF-Canada’s work.

In addition, we needed to create a dual sided reply coupon. The mailing still needed to generate one-time revenue from donors and encourage them to share their thoughts and intentions on legacy giving. The front side of the full-sized coupon featured a personalized one-time ask, while the reverse side of the coupon shared more information on gifts in Wills and invited the donor to share their own thoughts and plans.

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