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Ontario SPCA – Spring House Mailing

Being responsive with direct mail

As is typically the case in direct mail, this package was well underway weeks before it was slated to drop. Then, just a month before our drop date, the world went into lockdown.

We had to re-group. Could we raise money for animal welfare in the middle of a global pandemic? Should we even try? What did this mean for our mailing? We had to start by taking a step back and, together with the Ontario SPCA evaluate our strategy.

Once we were firm on the decision to move forward – after all, the animals still needed help! – Good Works reviewed the package and made tweaks to better reflect the new world we found ourselves in.

In this case, the letter had already been printed. So we created a small, cost-effective buckslip used to inform the donor that the mailing was prepared prior to lockdown, thank them for whatever support they were able to provide, and send well wishes. Short and heartfelt, the buckslip helped anchor the package in the current climate, while also driving home the ongoing and urgent need for donations.

The buckslip smoothed out the bump in this communications touchpoint, making it feel more human, and enabling us to better incorporate COVID messaging in future mailings.

"When we had a transition in staff, Good Works stepped in to help and didn’t miss a beat. They listened, asked the right questions, and helped us to surpass our fundraising goals. They guided our team through the direct mail process and shared valuable knowledge that we can continue to use for years to come."

‐ Caitlin Nicholls
Associate Director, Annual Giving at Ontario SPCA

The Ontario SPCA & Humane Society had been working with Good Works to refine and integrate their annual, digital, and legacy programs. When they had a change in staffing, they asked Good Works to step in and run their direct mail program for one year, starting with the spring house mailing.

As the program was already tightly-optimized, our mandate was steady-state – on time, on budget, on goal. So, we focused on best-practice storytelling to take this program to new heights!

Our storytelling skills shone in the Spring Appeal. We told the heart-warming story of Jack Frost – a kitten found frozen to the ground, nearly dead – from the perspective of one of the Vet Techs who saved his life.

The results spoke for themselves. In spite of the fact that it dropped early in the pandemic, this house mailing package exceeded revenue projections by 56%, generating both a high response rate and high average gift.

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