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Holland Bloorview – House Renewal Mailing

Annual Renewal Mailing

As a children’s rehabilitative hospital, the colourful hallways of Holland Bloorview are overflowing with examples of donor impact. Clients, patients and staff often remark that the hospital feels more like a second home, and comment on the friendly, welcoming, magical atmosphere.

But how do you translate that warm and fuzzy feeling to a mailer? What’s the best way to show donors what their gifts do, without taking each and every one on a tour of the hospital?

That’s the problem we looked to solve in designing this direct mail piece. We selected a bevy of bright photos to bring the magic of Holland Bloorview to the donor’s mailbox.

And donors responded. After accounting for outliers, revenue from this package is up 16% over the same mailing from the year prior.

"The team at Good Works truly makes an effort to understand and embrace our mission, and helps us communicate to donors with sincerity and authenticity. They bring creative ideas to the table that invigorates our direct mail pieces, and makes them more engaging and fun."

‐ Michael Ragsdale
Manager, Annual Programs, Holland Bloorview

As with other renewal mailers, we knew it was important to report back to donors – but we wanted to do it in a way that stood out from the other mail pieces that land in donor mailboxes each January.

We selected a photo to display on the outer envelope that would jump out from a crowded mailbox, and encourage a higher open rate.

The Impact Report insert was colourful and fun, with more graphics than text. And we used the space on the reverse to display photos of joyful kids, participating in donor-funded programs.

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