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Grand River Hospital Foundation – Integrated Year End Campaign

Integrated Year End Appeal

Grand River Hospital Foundation has a loyal donor base, and wanted to work to find a way to expand the reach of their message that they knew spoke to that loyal base. One aim of this was to find a way to draw in those donors who would occasionally engage with the appeals to be drawn in more fully to their work.

In order to extend the reach of this appeal, the decision was made that we would adapt the language that was used in the letter to develop similar email and Facebook appeals that could be dispersed broadly among their support community, including donors, volunteers, and community members who had not yet taken an active interest in supporting the community beyond an active interest on social media.

This appeal has raised close to double the expected revenue

"Good Works challenged our perceptions of how we could communicate with a range of audiences, and found interesting ways to integrate our messaging across various channels. They pushed for great stories, and the result was creative that brought in strong results from an engaged audience that we know we can continue to develop!"

‐ Melissa Shuker
Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving, Grand River Hospital Foundation

Because we were telling an incredible story about a young mom who had delivered 3 premature babies that had a lot of detail that worked perfectly for a letter, we had to find the most salient details to pull out for the email and even more so for the Facebook posts.

In the Facebook posts, we used striking imagery, and focused on the faces of the happy children and the successful health outcomes that were possible because of donor funding to get a broad message across succinctly.

For the email, we reminded supporters of what they read in the letter, and showed them an image of the Outer Envelope to jog their memory, and pushed supporters to imagine the experience of having those kinds of challenges, and how important it would be to have confidence in your healthcare.

This strategy was agreed based on successful integrated campaigns that we have run at Good Works with other clients who have faced similar challenges. We adapted the approach to work with the Grand River Hospital brand.

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