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SOS Children’s Villages Canada – Fall House Mailing

Direct mail for optimism and hope

The SOS Children’s Villages’ annual August appeal is typically themed around the back-to-school season, highlighting the donor’s role in providing quality education to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. But as we all know, schooling looked quite a bit different for children in 2020 – particularly those who couldn’t access or afford virtual learning.

As the pandemic unfolded, SOS staff and educators had to get creative to ensure SOS children could continue their education. Their stories of hope, optimism and perseverance were inspiring – and we knew we had to let donors know what their gifts were doing for these vulnerable children.

So instead of delivering a message of despair in this mail package, we decided to pass along their message of hope – and invited donors to participate by returning their donation with an encouraging note of their own.

"We’ve partnered with Good Works on our direct mail program for many years now, and they continue to bring new, fresh ideas to the table to steward and inspire our donors. They know how to be creative and effective without blowing the budget."

‐ SOS Children's Villages Canada

We wanted this package to pop out against the dark and gloomy appeals that were populating our mailboxes in 2020. We were looking for sunshine and rainbows – literally.

When we learned that SOS children were creating rainbow artwork to assure the world that “everything would be fine,” we knew we had to share their happy messages of joy. The outer envelope had a budget-friendly “peek-a-boo” window that showcased the colourful artwork, featured on a card within that recipients could fill out and send back to SOS children. The letter was affixed with a post-it note that read, “We’re so grateful for your support!”

Donors were thrilled. Response rate and average gift were both up when compared to the previous year’s appeal. What’s more, total revenue increased by 20% over the 2019 package.

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