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Kids Help Phone – Lead Generation Campaign

Optimizing lead generation campaigns

Good Works had worked with Kids Help Phone over the past 4 years to build a stable, robust email program. With the infrastructure in place, it was time to begin generating new leads to feed the email pipeline and grow the program!

Together, Good Works and Kids Help Phone have since undertaken 3 unique lead generation campaigns using Facebook’s platform, learning from the results and challenges of each one to make the next one better. Thorough analysis of the data has enabled each element of the campaign to be optimized, from the creative offer, to ad copy and imagery, to landing pages and forms, to email onboarding series and conversion calling. The KPIs from each campaign become the benchmark for our next one.

The outcome? Consistent improvements in conversion rate, page completion rate and cost per lead have brought thousands of new leads into the email program to be cultivated and converted – and many new donors as well!

"I love that Good Works is always looking for ways to improve, even when something is working well already! They celebrate our successes together, and then it’s back to what we can do better. I know that our Good Works team always has our back and is looking out for us."

‐ Neha Trivedi
Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving, Kids Help Phone

Our first campaign invited leads to pledge to become a mental health ally and early results were promising: 93% of our new leads completed their onboarding series and were dropped into the regular stream of solicitation and stewardship.

In our second campaign, we tested two creative offers: a downloadable tip sheet against a values-based poll. We also implemented valuable learnings from campaign 1 about copy and form structure. The tip sheet one outright, and the optimization resulted in a 109% increase in page completions, 440% increase in conversion rate, and a 91% decrease in cost per lead!

Our third campaign built again on these learnings, and layered new elements of audience targeting. Telemarketing was also integrated to convert new leads by phone. Again, the campaign was able to leverage historical data to yield exceptional improvements, with the biggest headline being a much faster turnaround on converting leads to donors using the phone instead of email alone!

This ongoing optimization speaks to a key element of digital fundraising, and of the toughest for many organizations: creating space to learn and improve, and not relying on your first attempt to define all future investment! Kids Help Phone’s team understands this implicitly, and the results speak for themselves.

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