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Ontario SPCA – Onboarding Email Series

Onboarding email series

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society contracted Good Works to conduct a multi-channel data audit, taking a deep dive into their database to understand strengths and areas of risk. In the audit, one issue came to the fore: the Ontario SPCA was acquiring new online donors, but struggling to convert them to an all-important second gift!

Good Works recommended developing a new, giving-centred onboarding series to help with this issue. The automated series would implement a drip-marketing approach designed to genuinely welcome new donors, report back on their impact to foster trust and credibility, and lay the groundwork for a second-gift by establishing ongoing need.

The series is now live, welcoming donors into the Ontario SPCA family in a more thoughtful way. Open rates and click-through rates are strong, and the series has already begun converting new donors to their second gift!

"Our Good Works team didn’t just identify an issue – they figured out why it was happening and suggested workable solutions to fix it. I really appreciated that they looked at our whole program, not just the pieces, and thought about the donor experience from start to finish!"

‐ Stephanie Miller
CFRE Senior Director, Community and Donor Development, The Ontario SPCA

We started this project in the same way we start most client work: by looking at what already exists and analyzing what’s working, and what could be improved. The Ontario SPCA had an onboarding series in place, but we saw opportunities to use data to create a more personal experience.

First, we layered in segmentation, to speak to the many different connections a person might have to the Ontario SPCA – from making a first-time donation, to adopting a pet, to making a symbolic purchase. By speaking specifically to that personal connection, we were able to take a relational approach to onboarding rather than a transactional approach.

We maintained the story-focused content and whimsical tone that resonates so well with Ontario SPCA donors, but we streamlined each email to focus on one ask. With each email, we invited the donor to deepen their engagement with the Ontario SPCA – and shared a little more about the amazing, animal-saving work donors were funding every day! In this way, emails built on top of each other to make the case for ongoing support.

Finally, we mapped out a donor journey, thinking about what we wanted donors not just to think, but to feel at every stage.

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