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MS Society of Canada – Legacy Marketing Brochure

Legacy marketing brochure

The MS Society of Canada was ready to build a legacy fundraising program designed to speak to their most loyal, most generous donors. They contracted Good Works to help bring their vision to life.

Good Works’ first step was to create to back-end marketing materials that would support the program. A legacy brochure, using an autobiographical approach, could be sent to any prospective donor who asked for more information about legacy giving.

After interviewing several stakeholders, donors, and volunteers with the organization, the Good Works team carefully selected a series of stories and storytellers, each one relating to a specific realm of the MS Society’s work: advocacy, research, and communities. Then, we carefully wove in just enough ‘how’ messaging to ease donor fears and make legacy giving feel like an easy, natural thing to do!

Now, the MS Society has a best-practice legacy brochure they can use to support any future marketing they do!

"Good Works took the time to learn who the MS Society really is, especially in the eyes of our donors. They were flexible, collaborative, and clearly dedicated to developing to best possible brochure for our team and our prospects."

‐ Cheryl Hanson
Assistant Vice President, Philanthropy and Campaign, MS Society of Canada

In crafting this legacy brochure, we faced an interesting challenge – one that many health charities will know all too well: how do you talk about future need for a disease that you’re hoping to cure?

Striking that careful balance was key to the MS Society’s legacy marketing. To find the right approach, we looked no further than the organization’s long-time donors. In speaking to them, we heard overwhelmingly the same message – that donors understood a cure would take research, that research would take time and funding, and that they wanted to play a role in that cure no matter when it came to be. By echoing these same sentiments in both the legacy brochure and other legacy touchpoints, Good Works was able to both make the case for future need for support and make deeper, values-based connections with prospective donors.

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